4 Top UK Diet Meal Delivery Services For Weight Loss


How it works: Simply provide your age, height, weight, dietary preferences and restrictions. Bodychef will provide you with a free profile and BMI report. You can expect to receive your diet by the time you wake up every morning, your diet will arrive in a temperature controlled box to ensure food freshness. The only food item you need to provide is your milk.

A typical day: Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt, Granola Small (Breakfast), Tortilla Wrap, Tuna Small, Mixed Leaf and Tomato Salad (Lunch), Cauliflower Mash, Cod with Chorizo and New Potatoes, Broccoli (Dinner), Grapes Small (Snack)

How much does it cost? £17.98/Day (Premier, Vegetarian Diet, Detox Diet, Low Carb, Low GI, Superfood), £19.50/Day (Mediterranean Diet, The 5 2 Fasting, The Clean and Lean, Dukan Diet Attack Phase, Dukan Diet Cruise Phase, Flat Belly Diet, Low Sugar)

Diet Chef

How it works: First, set up a free profile with your BMI calculation. Then choose from a range of over 100 chef-prepared meals, receive your food by post within 2-3 working days, reheat in microwave and your meals are ready. You are recommended to add fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet each day. Each hamper sold by Diet Chef is backed by a 21 day money-back guarantee, regardless of which contract term you have chosen.

A typical day: Gluten Free Fruity Oats Muesli (Breakfast), Lentil & Vegetable Soup (Lunch), Chicken Chasseur (Dinner), Oat Bar with Strawberry & Apple (Snack)

How much does it cost? £61.25/week for a 4 week plan (Pay Monthly – £245 per month), £48.75/week for a 8 week plan (Pay Monthly – £195 per month), £45.00/week for a 12 week plan (Pay Monthly – £180 per month)

MY Food

How it works: MY Food’s Diet Plans consist of a breakfast, lunch & dinner, which can help with weight loss, improve sense of well-being and increase energy levels. Meals will be delivered in a chilled hamper with detailed cooking instructions, customers supports are provided before, during and after the meal plan. All plans are approved by a BANT registered nutritional therapist.

A typical day: Berry Burst High Protein Smoothie (Breakfast), Chicken, Pomegranate & Herb Quinoa (Lunch), Turkey Nut Loaf & Steamed Vegetables (Dinner)

How much does it cost? £20 Per Day (Diet Plans – High Protein Meat / Vegetarian Options), £22/21 Per Day (Specialised Diet Plans – Halal & Gluten Free), £490 Per 28 Day (5:2 Fasting Diet Plans – includes 2 600 calorie fasting days), £69.45 Per 7 Day (Dinner Only), £21 Per Day (Office Plan)


How it works: Nutrichef mentioned several benefits on their website. Fish and nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish dishes are provided at least twice a week. As red meat is higher in saturated fat and cholesterol, use of red meat is only limited to once a week. Meals are made with ingredients that are more alkaline and with more fibre, it helps with problems like acid reflux, bloating, IBS and constipation.

A typical day: Peaches with Strawberries and Blueberries (Breakfast), Baked Wheat-Free Vegetable Tarts with a Mixed Salad (Lunch), Salmon with a Herb Crust on a Bed of Spicy Lentils (Dinner)

How much does it cost? From £16 per day

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