4 Top Canada Diet Meal Delivery Services For Weight Loss

Healthy Diet Delivery

How it works: Poultry is hormone-free, greens are organic whenever possible and meals contain no trans fats. After an initial phone consultation, your service will be started within 1-2 days. Every 3 days, you will receive a standard delivery. All meals are delivered in a sealed Cooler packed with icepacks.

A typical day: Poached Eggs in Low Fat Cheese Sauce, Fruit Salad, Oatmeal with Apricot (Breakfast), Chicken and Walnuts, Kidney Bean Stew, Roasted Vegetables and Chickpeas Salad (Lunch), Chile Lime Shrimp, Grilled Herbed Tomatoes, Oven Fried Yams (Dinner), Fruit Salad (Snack)

How much does it cost? $23.98 per day for a small 30 day plan of 3 meals per day. $25.98 per day for a regular 30 day plan of 3 meals per day. $27.98 per day for a regular 30 day plan of 3 meals per day. Shipping is extra.

In The Zone Delivery

How it works: After a phone consultation, your meal plan will be started within 1-2 days. You can go online and access your menu up to 1 week in advance and further customize your menu. A full day supply of food consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks, which includes 30% lean protein, fruits and vegetables. All meals are delivered in a cooler bag with a security tag attached.

A typical day: French Toast with Blueberry Maple Syrup and Back Bacon (Breakfast), Grilled Chicken and Two Tomato Salad with Green Goddess Dressing (Lunch), Sesame Salmon served on Japanese Green Beans and Wild Rice (Dinner), Crustless Peach and Raspberry Pie (Snack)

How much does it cost? One time consultation fee of $29.99. $40.99/day (12 day / 2 week), $36.99/day (30 day / 5 week).

Jenny Craig Canada

How it works: Your membership includes: 1-on-1 consultations with your professional weight loss consultant, access to affordable and delicious food, and unlimited access to online tools so you can track and monitor your progress.

A typical day: Cheddar Cheese Omelet (Breakfast), Asian Style Orange Chicken (Lunch), Parmesan Crusted Fish (Dinner), Cookies ‘n Cream Cheesecake (Snack)

How much does it cost? One-Time Enrollment Fee $49.99, First Month’s Fee $29.99. For a limited time offer, you could get 1st Month free & free Enrollment. Cost of food and shipping are extra. Depends on what you choose, it’s around $25 per day. You can get a $39.99 sample kit which includes 3 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and salad dressing.


How it works: First, choose a standard plan for a quick start, or answer a few short questions to get your own personalized plan. Next, select ready-to-go meals, or with a mix of frozen foods included, then decide between a pre-picked favorites pack or handpick your entire menu. You will receive your food in 4 to 10 business days, and get more savings with a monthly Auto-Delivery plan.

A typical day: Harvest Nut Bar (Breakfast), Fettuccine Alfredo (Lunch), Ravioli in Meat Sauce (Dinner), Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Snack)

How much does it cost? Budget friendly favorites pack – BASIC 28-DAY – $8.57 a day – 28-Day Auto-Delivery Price: $239.99, Popular customizable pack – CORE 28-DAY – $10.00 a day – 28-Day Auto-Delivery Price: $279.99, Ultimate choice pack – SELECT 28-DAY – $11.79 a day – 28-Day Auto-Delivery Price: $329.99

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