7 Top USA Diet Meal Delivery Services For Weight Loss


How it works: As a member, you can set up consultations with your own personal Registered Dietitian. You also receive helpful information through weekly program materials, newsletters and medical reports. With over 200 unique entrees, you can customize your menu by selecting the entrees you would like for each day and week. Each week of entrees is packed with dry ice and shipped in a cooler to ensure freshness upon arrival at your home.

A typical day: 7 Grain Waffles with Mango Blueberry Compote (Breakfast), Citrus Glazed Salmon (Lunch), Pork Chili Verde (Dinner)

How much does it cost? $159.95 7 Day Program (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 6 dinners), $129.95 5 Day Program (5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners). Save 24.95 on your first week order.

Chefs Diet

How it works: Enter your zip code online and check for availability. Contact a sales representative, and they will walk you through the program and see when the next available start day will be. Three balanced gourmet meals and two tasty snacks will be delivered to your front door each day.

A typical day: Pecan Pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup and Grilled Canadian Bacon (Breakfast), Grilled Salmon Paillard atop Field Greens with Citrus sections (Lunch), Grilled Rack of Baby Lamb with ratatouille parmesan and mint jelly (Dinner), Strawberry Swirl cheesecake (Snack)

How much does it cost? Chefs Diet National – 7 Day Program – $39.99 per day, Kosher – 7 Day Program – $57.99 per day. VegiQuarian / Heart healthy / Diabetics – 7 Day Program – $55.99 per day.


How it works: First, select one of the menus, Traditional, Vegetarian, or Low-Carb. Then select the plan that works for you, 5 Day Plan (Lunch & Dinner, or Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) or 7 Day Plan (Lunch & Dinner, or Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). Once the order is placed you can login to your control panel and make changes to your menu for your preferences like tastes, allergies and dislikes. Meals are served on a 5 week rotation to give you great variety. Diet-to-Go meals come complete with sides, fresh fruits & vegetables and everything you need for a healthy diet.

A typical day: Eggs Florentine (Breakfast), Thai Chicken and Mushroom Soup (Lunch), Tomato Veggie Pie (Dinner)

How much does it cost? Traditional/Vegetarian/Low-Carb 7 day plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, 21 complete meals) – 1st week price $109.49/$109.49/$127.19 (original $145.99/$145.99/$169.59)


How it works: Freshology uses only the leanest proteins, freshest produce available on the market. Preservatives, freeze-dried or dehydrated ingredients are not used. Your meals are prepared and delivered twice a week in a temperature controlled box. You will also receive your menu and instructions via email. Simply heat and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

A typical day: Eggs Florentine (Breakfast), Thai Chicken and Mushroom Soup (Lunch), Tomato Veggie Pie (Dinner)

How much does it cost? $47.95/day Freshology Gold, $54.95/day Fresh Mommy – for pre and postnatal women, $54.95/day Fresh Gluten Free, $54.95/day The Edge – High-Protein, Low-Carb, $47.95/day The Waltz, $798 Halo – 14 days Food & Juice Cleanse.

Jenny Craig

How it works: Your membership includes: 1-on-1 consultations with your professional weight loss consultant, access to affordable and delicious food, and unlimited access to online tools so you can track and monitor your progress.

A typical day: Ranchero Breakfast Skillet (Breakfast), Beef Chow Mein (Lunch), Chicken Fettuccine (Dinner), Yogurt Dream Bar (Snack)

How much does it cost? One-Time Enrollment Fee $49.99, First Month’s Fee $29.99. For a limited time offer, you could get 1st Month free & free Enrollment. Cost of food and shipping are extra. Depends on what you choose, it’s around $25 per day. You can get a $39.99 sample kit which includes 3 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and salad dressing.


How it works: First, choose a standard plan for a quick start, or answer a few short questions to get your own personalized plan. Next, select ready-to-go meals, or with a mix of frozen foods included, then decide between a pre-picked favorites pack or handpick your entire menu. You will receive your food in 4 to 10 business days, and get more savings with a monthly Auto-Delivery plan.

A typical day: Honey Wheat Bagel (Breakfast), Multigrain Pilaf (Lunch), Roasted Turkey Medallions (Dinner), Red Velvet Whoopie Pie (Snack)

How much does it cost? Budget friendly favorites pack – BASIC 28-DAY – $8.57 a day – 28-Day Auto-Delivery Price: $239.99, Popular customizable pack – CORE 28-DAY – $10.00 a day – 28-Day Auto-Delivery Price: $279.99, Ultimate choice pack – SELECT 28-DAY – $11.79 a day – 28-Day Auto-Delivery Price: $329.99

Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating

How it works: There are several meal plans available, you can choose from weight loss, wellness & health related condition, convenience & maintenance, pregnant & new mothers, vegetarian, or independent living. Meals are freshly prepared, and low in cholesterol, sodium and fat. Meals include fresh fruit, vegetables, and salads. Meals do not contain artificial flavours/sweeteners, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fat. Poultry in meals do not contain antibiotics / hormones. No frozen, dried or shelf stable meals.

A typical day: Bagel & Cream Cheese (Breakfast), Pecan-Cranberry Mixed Greens Salad (Lunch), Grilled Salmon with Seasoned Couscous (Dinner)

How much does it cost? Prices vary according to location. For example, with a NY zip code 11223, a 1200 Calorie Meal Plan (Full Week – 21 meals) will cost $249.00.

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