Tips On How To Increase Productivity

When talking about improving productivity, I bet people all have their own list of tips. Here is mine, what about yours?

1. Jot down how much you accomplish everyday

2. Write down what you plan to accomplish tomorrow

3. Set short and long term realistic goals

4. Prioritize your tasks

5. Whenever possible, delegate or outsource tasks accordingly

6. If the task on hand is tough and complicated, break it down into smaller tasks

7. If things get stuck, take a break, try again later

8. Find out which time period of the day in which you are more productive

9. Avoid distractions

10. Limit your time spent on social networking, replying email, surfing the net

11. Take a break from time to time

12. Do exercise periodically

13. Don’t eat too full

14. Eat right and stay fit and healthy

15. Coffee, anyone?

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