10 Fit & Healthy Social Network Sites

Social networking websites are so popular nowadays, I bet we all already joined one or few of them. What about social network sites that are related to health and fitness? Do you know any good ones that you would like to share with us? Here are few good ones…

BodySpace – BodySpace is a social network provided by bodybuilding.com, which is an American online retailer and manufacturer of body building supplements and nutritional products. BodySpace mainly focuses on body building rather than weight loss or general health and fitness issues. Once becoming a member, a list of great features like product reviews, body blogs, workouts will become available.

FitLink – FitLink is an online fitness community that provides tools to help people get in shape and stay connected. Register an account, and you can keep a workout journal, map running routes, plan activities, research exercises, calculate body mass index, read fitness articles, discuss new ideas and much more. Based on your goals and interests, you can also find activity partners, training groups, personal trainers, health clubs, fitness centers and local events in your area.

ShapeFit – ShapeFit provides free health and fitness information to over 1 million visitors every month. On their website, there are over 10,000 pages of content with fun and interactive fitness information to help visitors lose body fat, build lean muscle and increase energy levels. Also, with a huge database of over 500 exercise guides, you can definitely choose the right exercises for your workouts.

Daily Burn – DailyBurn is a health and fitness program that helps users track their daily calorie intake, workouts, and weight. Their products have over 2.5 million users and have been featured in a number of publications including Shape and Fitness. For a monthly membership fee of $10, you get unlimited access to DailyBurn workout programs, all workouts are being streamed to you over Internet, you can access them anywhere there is an Internet connection.

FitClick – FitClick is a free service that you can get a lots of free goodies like 1,000’s of free diet plans, 1,000’s of free workout routines, iPhone app for real-time tracking, calorie counter and food journal, detailed workout tracker, create & share diets and workouts, weight chart and fitness calculators, and much more. FitClick is the result of over a decade of software development and the finest available weight loss tools on the Web.

Daily Strength – DailyStrength is a social networking site where users provide one another with emotional support by discussing different medical conditions and life challenges. It is free for members, and members are encouraged to remain anonymous if necessary. The site provides a continual support as someone is always there to talk. A number of medical professionals are also available for contact, advice and treatments for a variety of illnesses are also listed on the site.

Walker Tracker – The Walker Tracker online community is a fun site which helps people logging their daily step counts. You can easily setup walking plans, compete with friends and colleagues, and make walking a more important part of your life. It is the Walker Tracker belief that walking could be a great way for losing weight and improving fitness. If needed, pedometers can also be ordered from Walker Tracker.

Traineo – Traineo is a social networking community that offers free and intuitive weight loss and exercise tracking tools. Members can receive weekly emails outlining the member’s progress toward his/her weight loss goals. Also, lots of resources and tips are also provided from many world’s leading health and fitness experts through an article database and discussion forums.

Wellsphere – Wellsphere is a health knowledge portal that consists of different communities which allows people to connect to each other, share their interests and get a personal perspective on a variety of health issues. In order to help their members staying WELLthy, Wellsphere provides a set of Welltools including wellternatives, wellwidgets, welltips and wellprize.

SparkPeople – SparkPeople.com has a free daily calculator & tracker for daily calories consumed, and a number of other resources including meal plans for those who want to lose weight. Assuming their members will buy food from their own local supermarkets, SparkPeople does not sell food product online. In addition to food and exercise tracking, users may also set their own personal goals which they could tick off each day, e.g. exercise 20 minutes a day, etc.

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