The Concept of Healing Energy

The concept of healing energy is familiar to most alternative medicines, particularly those with origins in China and India. These methods today are being tried and tested in the west. It means that energy patterns make our body “sick” or “well”. These energy patterns are stored indefinite meridian points (sometimes also called chakras).

To understand this, we have to view the human body as connected with the human psyche. The concept of healing energy maintains that a healthy mentality means a healthy body. They emphasize the body-mind connection as an integral part of healing.

Stored in our chakras (or meridian points) could be traumatic and bad memories. For instance, it is believed that even those traumatic memories buried in our subconscious can be “remembered’ by our bodies, particularly in our chakras where they cause negativity. Negativity is not “good” energy. It thus may cause an imbalance in our chakras or meridian points. Therefore, this imbalance within our chakras may be the leading cause of disease and sickness.

As negative energy can cause an imbalance, positive energy and “good feelings” may cause the chakras to heal. These good feelings are likewise stored in the same meridian points in the human body. They may be emphasized or balance the body energies.

Balancing the body energy can be achieved by being positive, meditating on the good instead of worrying and stressing. Feeling fulfilled because of doing productive work for yourself and others may also be a way to balance your energy patterns. Some believe that even eating the right combination of food tastes can be positive or negative to your meridian balance.

Several alternative healing methods emphasize the concept of healing energy. The EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) believes that tapping these meridian points will help let loose the negative energies detrimental to the balanced flow of the energy patterns. Reiki is a Japanese type of passive “healing energy” that uses the positive healing flow when you lay your hands on an affected area. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that is passive. While other alternative healings that use laying of the hands claim that they “deplete the energy of the healer”, Reiki uses positive affirmations as one thinks, visualizes and lays the hand of the sick area. Like most Zen-types of healing, Reiki claims that even positive thoughts can heal those who are suffering. Reiki believes that long-distance healing is possible.

There are other healing energy treatments like acupuncture, Ayurveda, crystal healings, massages and the like, but most believe in the same basic premise. There can be no healthy body without a healthy mind. Therefore, the reason (psyche) energy should balance with that of the body. These meridian points store both the positive and negative energies. A healthy attitude, a still uncluttered mind and a “suitable” diet are recommended to help energy healing work and heal those who are diseased.

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