Deceiving the Body into Weight Loss

When you have determined that you will go on a diet, you start dealing with a lot of mixed emotions. You are excited about the prospect of losing weight, and you are determined that you can battle this through. The other thoughts that come to mind are the dread of constantly feeling hungry, that horrid gnawing feeling. Then the other is having to give up your favourite foods.

It’s not only your psychological state that hates this part of the diet. Your body will as well. Your mind knows what you are doing, whereas your body doesn’t. It just gets to the point where it thinks it’s going into a starvation state. The basal metabolic rate will slow itself way down. Unfortunately, this makes the weight loss all the more difficult because it’s not being burned quick enough:

So we know that the body can be tricked into acting in specific ways. Rather than shock it all at once, make the transition slower. After all, it took a while for that fat to build up, so it’s going to take a while to get it off. No matter what though the metabolism has to work to burn the fat:

Start Here:

Plan your ultimate goal. Then determine what type of diet you are going to try. For the first attempt, I would suggest changing eating habits, reducing calories, and exercising. These are the basics of losing weight, and every diet is centred on that. So do this in two stages.

Stage 1:

Change The Eating Habits and Exercise:

Start by replacing the bad foods with the good. Try and do this for one or two of them every 2nd day. Don’t worry about the quantity yet. Then for your exercises, add something to your daily activities that you don’t normally do. Maybe a walk, an extra house chore, or anything that increases your cardio level start the fat burning process. Once you feel that your body has adapted to that exercise, improve it until it starts working again.

Stage 2:

Decrease the quantity of food and increase exercise.

Things To Watch For:

-Don’t turn to the salt shaker. Often when our body starts to crave something, we try and satisfy it with something. It becomes a habit to increase the salt intake. It won’t be a problem if you are aware of it right from the beginning.

-Lots of sleep. When you are changing your lifestyle, your body will react by feeling tired because of the change it is experiencing.

Filler Foods Use With Caution:

Remember we talked about keeping the hunger pangs away so the body wouldn’t feel like it is starving. A small amount of Peanut butter will help: only use enough to take away the craving. Also, try dark chocolate and almonds in tiny quantities and only until your body has adjusted to the calorie reduction.

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