Natural Mood Elevators – Easy and Safe

Given recent changes in attitudes toward mental health issues and the growing numbers of individuals diagnosed with depression, alternatives to prescription drugs and their safety have come into question. Side effects, interactions with other medications, and the ability of conventional medicine to accurately match patients to the appropriate drug have become a crapshoot at best. A health care system overloaded with new patients, financial considerations, and the fact that no two human minds are the same make assessment complex and treatment accomplished mainly by trial and error. Not all drugs work for all people, and this is obvious in the use of antidepressants.

One of the simplest ways to help raise and keep an excellent mental perspective is to ensure a balanced diet. Too often, we tend to view eating as a culinary experience aimed at gratification rather than a refuelling stop for our bodies. Some studies have shown that individuals suffering from depression are often deficient in B Vitamins. The suggestion of a balanced diet may help ward off depressive states or lessen the severity of episodes. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, feed the body, feed the mind.

We should think of the importance of physical exercise. It’s valuable to elevate mood. Endorphins, the brain’s natural feel-good compound, is released during strenuous physical activity, such as exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation, which may alleviate several minor physical discomforts that may contribute to depression. Also, a regular exercise program encourages better sleep patterns and promotes self-esteem by improving appearance. Best of all, exercise is somewhat addictive from a mental standpoint. If individuals exercise regularly, they will go to great lengths to ensure they do not miss a workout.

Herbal supplements such as St. Johns Wort have specific properties that elevate moods, allowing for a better Mental perspective. Herbs should always be administered and supervised by a trained professional, as they may cause secondary health issues for the uninformed user. UV light, especially in dreary winter months, may also elevate moods.

Most notably is the conscious effort to exercise your mind. Complacent, negative thought patterns tend to intensify if left to their own devices. You can prevent those by staying active and alert mentally by utilizing several practices. Learning something new, restart an old hobby, or studying a new subject in which you have an interest can elevate and maintain moods. Stay social; every conversation is food for thought, giving the mind a workout. Recognize negative thoughts as they appear, do not dwell on them, and discard them quickly. Surround yourself with positive people whenever possible; it’s tough to keep a positive outlook while swimming in the grief and misery of others.

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