How to Develop a Weekly Fitness Routine

Overweight and Not Healthy

Several years ago, I realized that my weight was getting out of control. I began searching for some way to get enough physical exercise to get healthy. My physician suggested that I try walking. Living on the coast, I decided to find a great place to walk and incorporate my love for the water. I went and checked out a new bridge that was being built over the Indian River Causeway. It had enough of an incline and was exactly ½ a mile in one direction. It became my workout spot. After the first few times, I could walk across without panting from exercise. The minor achievements kept me reaching for the bigger ones.

The Challenge Begins

Each day after work, I would head to the bridge and begin walking at its length. After several weeks, I began to feel the health benefits of having a daily exercise routine. My legs and waist started getting smaller, and I found that walking was not only a great exercise, but my body was getting fit. My energy level was increasing each day. On rainy days, I realized how much my body missed the daily routine. Some days I just had to wait for the storms to pass to get my workouts done.

Pumping Up Endurance

Within a few months, I was jogging from one end of the bridge and walking back across. It allowed me to start progressing more physically with my workout. My endurance got more assertive, and I needed clothes that fit me better. My routine had taken me down four sizes, and I had lost 42 pounds in about six months.

Lifestyle Change Made Successfully

Now, I continue to go and work out; it costs me nothing in fees. There is always a breeze, and I get to enjoy the sunshine daily. It got me excited about working out. Some friends will join me periodically; they have also seen results. Using excuses about time or money will prevent success. I was lacking in motivation and not being proactive with my health. You do not need to spend money to begin getting healthier. Go outside your home and start looking for places where you can create a walking program. We have few choices in life that we can control; this is one of them. Choose to lose and feel better!

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