Does Yohimbe Work?

Yohimbe is a principal component of alternative medicine, especially as a treatment for sexual problems in men. Its active constituent compound, yohimbine, exerts a stimulant effect and increases circulation to the genitals. If you want to use Yohimbe, it’s essential to ask, “Does yohimbe work?”

The answer will depend on why you want to use the product. Yohimbe works well in some ways but does not work in others. Here’s a run-down of the information supporting (and refuting) its supposed medicinal benefits.

What Yohimbe Probably Works For

Yohimbe’s active compound, yohimbine, is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, or E.D.

Yohimbe also reduces sexual side effects associated with serotonin-selective reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, which are a trendy class of prescription antidepressants. Although these uses are evidence-based, they are not without some degree of risk. Yohimbe can cause serious side effects, particularly if it is misused or used in above-normal doses.

What Yohimbe Might Work For

Several of Yohimbe’s uses have not been sufficiently researched. There is not enough evidence to prove that Yohimbe can treat sexual problems in women, exhaustion, chest pain, complications of diabetes, or depression. It may be detrimental to some people with these conditions. If you are interested in using Yohimbe for these conditions, understand that it is an experimental treatment. There is not enough evidence to prove that it is worth the risks.

What Yohimbe Doesn’t Work For

Yohimbe is not an effective treatment for high blood pressure or hypertension or effective weight loss. Although some practitioners recommend it to people who are obese, there is no evidence suggesting that it works, and its dangers strongly outweigh its benefits. Yohimbe is also ineffective as a treatment for tachycardia and anxiety; it worsens these conditions.

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