Infant Reflux Alleviated with Home Wedge Pillows

Reflux in infants is quite common in the first few months of life. For many infants, the complications of reflux can lead to a lack of nutrition when not managed effectively. As a new parent, if your baby has been diagnosed with reflux, you may want to consider a variety of home remedies to improve your infant’s digestion. That could include the use of wedge pillows.

Wedge pillows are typically medical devices used in the home for conditions such as COPD, GERD, or even to treat swine flu and other respiratory complications. For infants, however, sleeping on an incline can help to reduce reflux and even improve digestion overall. If you are going to use a wedge pillow, it is essential to find the right type for your infant’s body and medical needs.

Incliner sleep wedges are a common type of wedge pillow that parents use for an infant with reflux. The incliner sleep wedge is easy to use, portable and even placed in the infant’s crib. For many infants using the incliner sleep wedge during the day will also help with digestion when the stomach is busiest. After a few days of using an incliner sleep wedge, many parents report improvement in the baby’s digestion and reduced complications of reflux.

Health insurance companies will usually cover the cost of purchasing an incliner sleep wedge for an infant who has reflux. To obtain coverage for this medical supply, you should ask your obstetrician to prescribe it. And then contact your health insurance company to determine how you get the item through a participating medical vendor. Or where you can submit your receipt for purchase of the incliner sleep wedge. With a few phone calls, the item can be obtained for almost no cost. And your baby will be on the way to a better nutritional level as the reflux complications are decreased with the wedge pillow device.

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