16 Effective Tips to Change How You View Food So You Can Lose Weight

16 Great Weight Loss Tips

1. If you aren’t hungry yet feel the desire to eat something, tell yourself that it is brain hunger, not stomach hunger. You only want it because it’s pleasurable to eat, not because you need it for energy purposes.

2. Tell yourself that you will enjoy your food much more if you eat it when quite hungry.

3. Often, you want to eat and tell yourself no, so you feel even more deprived. So tell yourself that you get to eat just later, so you don’t feel deprived. It’s easier to put off eating than deny eating altogether, so don’t think of it as saying “no” to eating but instead as putting off for a later time.

4. Visualize how better you will feel if you don’t eat something you didn’t plan to eat.

5. Drink water, a calorie-free beverage like coffee or tea. Add flavour w/ cocoa, cinnamon, and stevia.

6. Feeling hungry means you are burning calories from your body’s stores.

7. Every calorie you say no to is a step forward. Every unnecessary calorie you give into is only going to make your goal farther and farther off.

8. Going to bed hungry means waking up lighter and without indigestion.

9. Eat a low glycemic diet which is a diet rich in fibre, protein and good fats. Good foods include nuts, nut butter, beans, cinnamon, cayenne, coconut oil, avocado, and coffee.

10. Avoid foods that trigger intense cravings like refined sugar, concentrated sweetness, and refined grains.

11. Allow yourself mini portions of rich foods like half a serving of nuts. A single Hershey kiss can satisfy a chocolate craving; even a sweet, chewable vitamin C tablet with only 1 g of sugar can satisfy sweet cravings.

12. Eat unique things that are especially good at controlling cravings like black coffee, coconut oil, dark chocolate, cinnamon, natural peanut butter, and beans.

13. Exercise. That makes you more aware of your body and compels you to make healthier choices. It empowers you and strengthens your willpower.

14. Only eat when truly, very hungry, not just at the site of a bit of hunger, which could be thirst, boredom, craving, or need for physical activity.

15. Exercise and stretch daily, moisturize and take care of yourself. These all heighten your self-awareness.

16. Stop eating when you are no longer starving and feel around 70% per cent total. You should feel very slightly hungry. Don’t worry about feeling very slightly hungry when you leave the table. Ninety per cent of the time, as your food continues to digest, this hunger will fade into neutrality.

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